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X-Press Core

Strengthen and tone your core muscles, improve posture and relieve back pain with the X-Press Core workout.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is scientifically proven to be an effective way to burn fat, fast! These short, intense workouts continue to burn calories for hours after you’ve finished the session. With Power and Speed variants to ensure the very best results.

Kick Fit

Kick-Fit classes are based around kick-boxing and martial arts techniques, and are designed foranyone who wishes to tone and shape key muscle groups, increase self-confidence, relieve stress and boost energy levels, or simply to get fitter and/or lose weight. Classes are non-contact, and are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities, as everyone works to their own limits.

Family Taekwondo

Family Taekwondo classes follow a traditional Taekwondo syllabus and are suitable for all ages from around 7 years. Suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. So whether you are looking to get fitter, relieve stress, learn self-defence, make new friends, lose weight or simply have fun whilst learning something new, then come along and give it a try.

Little Kickers

Little Kickers classes are designed specifically for younger children from 4-8 years. They follow a syllabus of progression with a belt system designed to lead on to the traditional syllabus of our Family Taekwondo classes. The focus of these classes is to have fun whilst learning. As a parent, you can expect your child to gain self-confidence, increase concentration levels, improve balance and co-ordination and learn valuable self-defence skills.




NEW CLASSES START 19TH SEPTEMBER! For Fitness, For Fun, For Self Defence, For Everyone.


New Kickboxing and Yoga classes, as well as a new timetable. Class times change from Saturday 30th September.

Personal Training

One to one sessions are available. For more information contact John on 07828273055 or email

Unit 8, Transfer Bridge Industrial Estate Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, SN1 2HW